Sole UK Distributor for Award Winning, Eco-Friendly Fly Trap

Equestrian Shop UK are delighted to announce that we are the sole UK distributor for Sticky-Trap. Carefully formulated without nasty chemicals or pesticides.

Sticky-Trap only attracts horse flies, hornets, stable flies and other biting and irritating insects, whilst being completely harmless to other wildlife including bees, birds and butterflies.

No Pesticides or Nasty Chemicals

Sticky-Trap does not contain any pesticides or nasty chemicals, ensuring complete safety around people and animals

Environmentally Friendly

Sticky-Trap does not contain any chemicals

Natural Mineral Ingredients

Made from naturally ocurring minerals, ensuring Sticky-Trap is harmless to animals and people 

Long Lasting

Applying one layer of product will last up to 20 weeks

Suitable for all Weathers

Rain and heat resistant up to 70’c

Easy to Use

Simply application process, making Sticky-Trap easy to use